“I used UrinePro Plus on cat vomit, and I watched it disappear before my eyes!”

– Dr. Laurie Racey, Country Cat Clinic

“UrinePro Plus is an amazing product that stands up to its name. The ease with which it removes stains makes it the find of a century. It will always be on hand in my home. Thank you for making life easier.”

– Pamela Wilson

“I have multiple cats in my home. UrinePro Plus is the best pet urine remover I’ve ever used. I honestly LOVE this stuff. It really works like a dream!”

– Diana Albers

“ I have a lot of people interested — especially in Q Clean. There is no doubt I can testify to its cleaning ability, and it leaves no residue. So far I really love all the products. I’ve done a couple of loads of laundry and I have been pleased with the Laundry ME product. I want to get some gallons of the cleaner, so I can use it at the dojo as well as at home.”

– Virginia Larioza

“I was ready to throw away my favorite silk blouse, but then I learned about UrinePro Plus. I gave it a try, and my blouse came out looking and smelling like new again!”

– Dr. Claudia Cary Davidson, Fowlerville Veterinary Clinic

“Q Clean is nontoxic, and it does not produce any harsh odor.  I use it around my son who has chemical sensitivities and my two parrots. I’ve saved clothing, rugs, a wool coat, car seat covers, and my car’s upholstery. These days, I’m no longer embarrassed to invite my friends to sit in my dog’s favorite arm chair.”

– Cindy Bolton

“I watched my cousin’s dog a few weeks ago, and it peed on my rugs. I thought I’d have to throw them away, but I was so wrong. I washed the rugs using just a few ounces of your colloidal micelle concentrate, and guess what? The smell is completely gone!!! I am so impressed and thankful!”

– Tiffany Day

“I run a foster closet with three kids under two years old. Accidents happen often around my house, and Laundry ME cleans all the bedding in just a single load.  I wish I could have this stuff pumped into my home automatically. Laundry ME is truly amazing!

– Cindy Bolton

“The chairs in my Laundromat that were full of food and soft drink stains now look like new again. And the odor is gone, too. Q Clean is amazing stuff!”

– Rick Hartman

“Your suggestion to try Q Clean on my son’s smelly hockey gear was a good call. It took away the odor instantly!”

– Laurie Racey, DMV & Hockey Mom

“The engineered hardwood floor in my lobby was covered in road salt from foot traffic. I simply sprayed Q Clean on the floor and dried it with a towel. It came out beautifully after only one application. Other cleaners required three applications to remove the stains.”

– Lance Knudsen, Knudsen Bro’s Collision

“I spilt a five-gallon gas can in my trunk last summer and thought I’d have to replace all the carpets and insulation. To my delight, I used RugWash Pro on it, and the odor disappeared!”

– David Berger, Founder

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