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Commercial Success Stories

Marc Kasselman of Modernistic Rugology says, “I’m extremely pleased with the results…” read testimonial

“I’m extremely pleased with the results I’m achieving with AA Natural Products in my rug washing plant. I’ve compared UrinePro Plus with countless other commercial urine remover concentrates. UrinePro Plus works better, faster, and it’s less expensive. I highly recommend it to anyone needing to get out pet urine from rugs.” – Marc Kasselman, Rugology, Troy, MI

Kevin Kluth of Pinnacle Eco Clean writes, “I highly recommend Dave’s products…” read testimonial

“Lately, I’m achieving outstanding results by using AA Natural Products’ cleaning agents, which are based on microemulsion technology (aka colloidal micelle). I now wash all my rugs with RugBath Pro and use UrinePro Plus as a pre-treatment. I’ve encountered many products claiming to remove pet odors in wool and synthetic rugs, but few live up to their claims as Dave’s products do. I appreciate the fact his products are environmentally-friendly and extremely cost effective. Best of all, since his complete line is nontoxic, it fits neatly into our philosophy and enhances Pinnacle Eco Clean’s brand image. I highly recommend Dave’s products.” – Kevin Kluth, Owner

Ron Werner of Happy Carpet Cleaners adds, “I’m having good success…” read testimonial

“I’ve been trying the Urine Pro plus, along with the Q Clean. I’ve been having good success with it, applying it heavily to carpeted areas effected by underlying urine contamination and then rinsing after a period of dwell time. Seems to be doing the trick without having to resort to subsurface extraction. I’ll be continuing to try it.” – Ron Werner, owner of Happy Carpet Cleaners