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Across the USA so many of the nation’s largest, and fastest-growing, rug washers and carpet cleaners have switched to our eco-friendly nanoemulsion (aka, colloidal micelle) cleaning agents. They do so as they know: our ultra concentrated products provide the best value among all other brands. Isn’t it time you, too, took a closer look at our proven technology?

Afghani rug before and after cleaning using RugBath Pro Ultra

Here’s one of many stories from people who have made the switch to AA Natural Products. read success story

Since October 2013, our rug washing facility has produced inconsistent results using the leading colloidal micelle product in our 1,200 gallon wash tub. In 2016, I was asked to test a gallon of AA Natural Products’ RugBath Pro, which employs nanoemulsion technology. Although initially pessimistic about switching brands, I was astonished at how superior RugBath Pro proved to be. The first rug I pulled from the bath was a white Chinese hand-knotted rug, which had yellowed fibers caused by tobacco smoke and pet urine. After being groomed the rug not only looked whiter but it also had a fresh clean smell. I can make this statement with confidence because less than a week earlier I had a similar white Chinese rug with identical cleaning issues I could not resolve using the existing colloidal micelle product I had on hand. Because RugBath Pro is twice as concentrated, we use a lot less of it. Furthermore, our rug redo numbers have dropped dramatically, too. Moving forward, I intend to use AA Natural Products exclusively since colors are more vibrant and wool fibers definitely feel much softer. Our customers notice and praise these features and they appreciate the fact we use plant-based, nontoxic, cleaning agents.

David plays an important role as he often holds conference calls with me and my team to get firsthand feedback and explore ways to make us more Earth-friendly. With David’s help, I’ve slashed my rug-washing expenses in half by employing UrinePro Ultra and FDC (Fugitive Dye Control). My hope is David will keep expanding his brand, and I’m more than happy to test any new products he develops. I especially like the fringe paste he sends me without charge as an added bonus.

I would be hard pressed to try another product after experiencing the positive difference AA Natural Products has made to my bottom line. In addition, David provides first-class customer service. He quickly responds either by email or phone, and I never feel “like a number” to him. If anyone asks me for a referral, I will answer without hesitation: AA Natural Products.

Rick J., Rug Washing Plant Manager

Watch our videos posted here to learn more. Then, like a great classic movie: watch them again! We know providing our customers first-class service while saving them money shall never go out of style.

See Nanoemulsion In Action: Rug Washing & Restoration

We enable our customers to keep thousands of dollars in their own pockets, rather than lining the pockets of their suppliers. Just as our customer’s are delighted with our product, we are delighted to receive their thanks for saving them as much as 50% time and time again.


Our Mission

We at AA Natural Products develop the very best of nontoxic plant-based cleaning agents to address environmental, safety, and health concerns facing today’s Earth-conscious consumer. Combine renewable plant-based oils, fatty acids, esters, alkanolamides, amines, alcohols and surfactants from corn, soy, coconuts, citrus and trees in novel ways to create revolutionary nanoemulsion cleaning agents.

Our Philosophy

Our bio-based cleaning agents are excellent alternatives to highly toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and corrosive chemicals. AA Natural Products are environmentally responsible, and our team proudly promotes the use of Earth-friendly nontoxic nanoemulsions in place of obsolete, harsh organic solvents. By employing plant-based ingredients, we ensure our products perform optimally and are safe for human health and the environment.

How it Works

Nanoemulsion is just like a microscopic Pac-Man gobbling up the bonds between surfaces and hydrocarbons. Like a microscopic sandblaster, nanoemulsion safely removes organic material by breaking apart molecular bonds.

Micellular Pac-Men

AA Natural Products nanoemulsion-based cleaning agents employ plant-based oils, fatty acids, esters, alkanolamides, amines, alcohols and surfactants that break down hydrocarbon bonds and gobbles everything up.

Through a proprietary process, all ingredients are blended into a colloidal solution packed with micelles, which are a type of molecular cluster resembling nano-size lollypops with the stems all facing inward.

The head of each molecule loves water (hydrophilic), and the stem hates it (hydrophobic). In a water solution, the so-called lollipops group to form a spherical shape with a water-loving exterior and a water-hating interior. When an aqueous nanoemulsion solution reaches a critical micelle concentration (CMC), the micelle spheres split open when they contact a surface and begin to emulsify and gobble the hydrocarbons.

Even a miniscule pressure (agitation) has a significant effect on emulsification. Consequently, when the agitation stops, the molecule clusters close up and encapsulate what was gobbled up. And then everything can be easily rinsed away using plain water as this video demonstrates:

Micelles In Action

Since AA Natural Product’s cleaning agents are both effective and non-toxic, they can be employed in countless settings. Whether your objective is to clean, eliminate odors, degrease or the reduction BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), AA Natural Products will get the job done — and do so all without negatively impacting the environment.

AA Natural Product’s key technology, nanoemulsion, is used around the world in these industries: Aquaculture, Agricultural, Horticulture, Parks & Recreation, Boat & Marine, Oil Spill Recovery, Food Service, Food Processing, Beer & Wine Making, Commercial, Industrial, Facilities Maintenance, Institutional, Hospitality, Janitorial, Manufacturing, Transportation, Fire Suppression, Zoonotic, Carpet Cleaning and Rug Washing.

AA Natural Product’s eco-friendly nanoemulsion cleaners are made from bio-renewable plant-based ingredients. Our cleaners break down oil, urine, blood, vomit and much more, yet they are safe to use around some of the most delicate creatures on the planet.

I invite you to experience the best nontoxic cleaner you’ll ever encounter. I’m certain this small investment will positively impact your life and the world around you. Here’s how it impacts my life.

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It’s time now you too take a closer look at our proven technology. Watch our videos here to learn more. Then, like a great classic movie: watch them again! We know providing our customers first-class service while saving them money shall never go out of style.


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