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Revolutionizing Rug Washing: RugBath Ultra’s Power Revealed
Redefining Cost-Effective Cleaning: 4 Ounces for 55 Gallons
One Gallon Concentrate Makes 1,760 Gallons of RTU Rug Bath
For heavy soiled rugs employing floor washing, use 2 oz to a 35-gallon drum of water with half a tablet of ClO2 to make RTU cleaner.
Pennies in Chemistry, Impeccable Results:
The RugBath Ultra Advantage

Hey, Dave!  I have before and after photos of an Afghani rug I cleaned yesterday using your RugBath Pro Ultra. Just thought you’d like some fresh material on how much I love using your product! Because it helps make me look like I’m a genius!!! — Rick J., Rug Washing Manager

Used by Professionals

Unlocking the Potential:  RugBath Ultra’s Impact on Rug Cleaners!  Here’s one of many stories from people who have made the switch to AA Natural Products. read case study

Since October 2013, our rug washing facility has produced inconsistent results using the leading colloidal micelle product in our 1,200 gallon wash tub. In 2016, I was asked to test a gallon of AA Natural Products’ RugBath Pro, which employs nanoemulsion technology. Although initially pessimistic about switching brands, I was astonished at how superior RugBath Pro proved to be. The first rug I pulled from the bath was a white Chinese hand-knotted rug, which had yellowed fibers caused by tobacco smoke and pet urine. After being groomed the rug not only looked whiter but it also had a fresh clean smell. I can make this statement with confidence because less than a week earlier I had a similar white Chinese rug with identical cleaning issues I could not resolve using the existing colloidal micelle product I had on hand. Because RugBath Pro is twice as concentrated, we use a lot less of it. Furthermore, our rug redo numbers have dropped dramatically, too. Moving forward, I intend to use AA Natural Products exclusively since colors are more vibrant and wool fibers definitely feel much softer. Our customers notice and praise these features and they appreciate the fact we use plant-based, nontoxic, cleaning agents.

David plays an important role as he often holds conference calls with me and my team to get firsthand feedback and explore ways to make us more Earth-friendly. With David’s help, I’ve slashed my rug-washing expenses in half by employing UrinePro Ultra and FDC (Fugitive Dye Control). My hope is David will keep expanding his brand, and I’m more than happy to test any new products he develops. I especially like the fringe paste he sends me without charge as an added bonus.

I would be hard pressed to try another product after experiencing the positive difference AA Natural Products has made to my bottom line. In addition, David provides first-class customer service. He quickly responds either by email or phone, and I never feel “like a number” to him. If anyone asks me for a referral, I will answer without hesitation: AA Natural Products.

Marc Kasselman of Modernistic Rugology says, “works as good and costs less than Centrum Force’s U-turn…” read testimonial

I’m extremely pleased with the results I’m achieving with AA Natural Products in my rug washing plant. I’ve compared UrinePro Plus with countless other commercial urine remover concentrates including Centrum Force’s U-turn. UrinePro Plus works better, faster, and it’s less expensive. I highly recommend it to anyone needing to get out pet urine from rugs. – Marc Kasselman, Rugology, Troy, MI

Kevin Kluth of Pinnacle Eco Clean writes, “I highly recommend Dave’s products…” read testimonial

Lately, I’m achieving outstanding results by using AA Natural Products’ cleaning agents, which are based on microemulsion technology (aka colloidal micelle). I now wash all my rugs with RugBath Pro and use UrinePro Plus as a pre-treatment. I’ve encountered many products claiming to remove pet odors in wool and synthetic rugs, but few live up to their claims as Dave’s products do. I appreciate the fact his products are environmentally-friendly and extremely cost effective. Best of all, since his complete line is nontoxic, it fits neatly into our philosophy and enhances Pinnacle Eco Clean’s brand image. I highly recommend Dave’s products. – Kevin Kluth, Owner

“I watched my cousin’s dog a few weeks ago, and it peed on my rugs. I thought I’d have to throw them away, but I was so wrong. I washed the rugs using just a few ounces of your colloidal micelle concentrate, and guess what? The smell is completely gone!!! I am so impressed and thankful!” – Tiffany Day

“I spilt a five-gallon gas can in my trunk last summer and thought I’d have to replace all the carpets and insulation. To my delight, I used RugWash Pro on it, and the odor disappeared!” – David Berger, Founder

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AA Natural Products contain bio-renewable plant-based ingredients producing powerful microemulsion cleaners consisting of billions of nano-sized cleaning particles that penetrate deeply into surfaces and effectively remove pet stains and odors on contact. Our aqueous cleaning agents are Earth-friendly alternatives to highly toxic volatile organic compounds.

RugBath Ultra™ is safe to use on all washable fabrics, hypo-allergenic and leaves no residue. It effectively removes stains and odors caused by cats, dogs and other pets. Enjoy a clean, odor free rug with RugBath Ultra™.

Contents: Key ingredients such as plant-based surfactants, fatty acids and esters are derived from soy, corn and coconuts.

Typical usage in a rug bath, floor washing or pit, dilute 1-4 ounces per 35-55 gallons of water. Employing hot water and agitation are beneficial when dealing with heavily soiled rugs. For best outcomes, pretreat persistent odors and stains with UrinePro Ultra™ and/or ClO2 tablets. Always conduct a color fastness test in an inconspicuous area.

Always test for color fastness in an inconspicuous area.

• Not tested on animals
• All natural ingredients
• Hypo-allergenic
• Bio-degradable
• No scent added
• No fumes

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