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I highly recommend Fugitive Dye Control™, says Rug Washing Plant Manager, Rick J. read full story

I started using Fugitive Dye Control™ (FDC) on July 24, 2017. I can honestly say it functions as good as Centrum Force’s Secret Sauce with much better ROI. It’s going to take a while to go through the 24-gallon drum since we’re only using 12 oz per 1,200 gallon bath. I highly recommend FDC.

Thanks as always!

Rick J., Rug Washing Plant Manager

Fugitive Dye Control™ (FDC) is remarkably effective in preventing reactive and direct dyes from being transferred during the rug washing process. AA Natural Products’ FDC granular formula contains 95% active ingredient compared to liquid alternatives which are typically 30% active. Since FDC is super concentrated, you’ll significantly reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Use FDC and RugBath Pro together to produce a powerful nanoemulsion rug cleaning system. To remove stubborn pet urine, pre-treat rugs using UrinePro Ultra.

Isn’t it time you stopped pouring your profits down the drain? Secret Sauce (liquid) cost you $21.00 per wash load when you could be paying $12.89 for the same result. Here’s how…

Liquid Secret Sauce costs $420 per 5-gallon pail. Assuming a usage rate of 32 ounces per rug wash, you’ll get 20 washes per pail (5 gallons x 4), which means you’re currently paying $21.00 per rug wash ($420 pail/20 washes).

Granular Fugitive Dye Control™ is much more concentrated; hence, you’ll use a lot less. When buying in bulk, the price of a 24-gallon drum is $3,300. Assuming a usage rate of 12 ounces per wash, you’ll get 256 washes per drum (128 oz \ 12 oz = 10.66 washes per gallon, so 24 gallons x 10.66 washes = 256), which means you’ll only pay $12.89 per rug wash ($3,300 drum/256 washes). That’s nearly 40% more money you can keep in your own pocket while maintaining the same level of quality.

Best Practices For Using Fugitive Dye Control™

1. Use 1 ounce of Fugitive Dye Control™ per 100 gallons of water
2. Dissolve FDC in a bucket of water before adding to rug bath
3. Add dissolved FDC to rug bath and mix thoroughly
4. Add more FDC to rug bath if needed

Highly Concentrated: Use 1 ounce per 100 gallons of water.

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