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After conducting extensive research on colloidal micelles, I’ve uncovered the industry’s key players. There are countless small companies branding their own products, but in the end, there are only a handful of reputable suppliers.  With my help, you’ll be assured of getting the highest quality product at the best price.

Below is a list of companies that are employing colloidal micelles in innovative ways to solve problems. These companies are not necessarily my favorites, but I thought you’d appreciate seeing firsthand how colloidal micelles are being employed.  To help demonstrate its nontoxic attributes, I’ve included many links to applications that are used on or around animals.

Unlike others who simply add water to concentrates, I add other plant-based ingredients to enhance the micelles — making highly effective cleaning agents.  My blends are superior to all brands.

If you have a problem that you believe can be solved using a colloidal micelle solution, please call me at 734-678-7941. Together, we’ll solve your toughest problems while helping keep our planet green.

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