UrinePro vs UTurn

Compare UrinePro Ultra Concentrate vs. U-Turn and discover the AA Natural Products’ Advantage
Many of the nation’s largest carpet cleaners and rug washers have switched to AA Natural Products’ UrinePro Ultra™ and realized it’s the best alternative to the leading pet urine remover and odor eliminator.
Here’s why UrinePro Ultra™ is a better value
UrinePro™ U-Turn
Yes Plant Based Yes
Yes Biodegradable Yes
Yes Neutral pH Yes
Yes CRI Approved Yes
Yes Safe on Wool Yes
Yes Free Rinsing Yes
Yes Concentrated
~27% Active
(Using Refractometer)
$99.95/gal Gallon Price $132.00/gal
$79.95/gal Case Quantity $132.00/gal
$64.95/gal 55-Gallon Drum Hasn’t sold any

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