UrinePro vs UTurn

Compare UrinePro Ultra vs. Centrum Force’s U-Turn and discover the AA Natural Products’ Advantage
Many of the nation’s largest carpet cleaners and rug washers have switched to AA Natural Products’ UrinePro Ultra™ and realized it’s the best alternative to the leading pet urine remover and odor eliminator.
UrinePro Ultra™ is truly water soluble
and a great value
UrinePro™   U-Turn
Yes Plant Based Yes
Yes Biodegradable Yes
Yes Neutral pH Yes
Yes CRI Approved Yes
Yes Safe on Wool Yes
Clear Water Solubility
See Image Below
Yes Free Rinsing Yes
Yes Concentrated
~25% Active
(Using Refractometer)
$125.95/gal Gallon Price $135.00/gal
$99.95/gal Case Quantity $132.50/gal
$79.95/gal 55-Gallon Drum Hasn’t sold any
UrinePro Ultra™ vs U-Turn Concentrate & Water Solubility

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