David Berger’s Microscope Project

Why I Rebuild Nikon Microscopes…

As you know, as the founder of AA Natural Products, I’m at the forefront of developing Earth-friendly cleaning agents. To ensure my cleaners are nontoxic, I perform ongoing microbiology testing.

I also have a goal to get more young adults interested in microbiology. Starting spring of 2020, I’ll be hosting field outings around the Ann Arbor area. My plan is to form small groups and take water samples from streams and lakes using Zooplankton nets. We’ll observe live specimens under microscopes — photographing and sharing them on social media for others to see.

In order to accomplish these tasks, I buy and rebuild college-level microscopes from around the Ann Arbor and Detroit area — putting them to good use. Feel free to check out my eBay store to see my complete lineup of microscopes and accessories.

Below are videos of the Nikon Alphaphot YS microscope I rebuild and a sample of the microbiology living in my pond after I’ve treated it with my nontoxic cleaning agents to help control algae.

Here’s a video of the pond’s thriving microbiology
Please call me at 734-678-7941 or email me at dave@a2.com if you wish to buy or sell a used microscope or cohost a field outing.