Nyogel 767A Certified Nye Lubricants Synthetic Hydrocarbon Grease

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Nyogel 767A’s main uses include joysticks, microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, tripods and HOTAS.

Other uses for Nyogel 767A include drones, radios, radio controlled cars (RAC), radio controlled airplanes (RAA), radio controlled boats (RAB), radio controlled ships (RAS), radio controlled sailboats, watches, electronics and grears.

Nyogel 767A Specifications:
– Non-seeping
– Noise dampening grease
– Reduce Free Motion
– Viscosity Index 121
– 40c Viscosity 28185 cSt
– Appearance – Clear to Light Yellow and Smooth
– Temperature rated for 0°C to 125°

Technical Information

Nyogel 767A Technical Data Sheet

Nyogel 767A Material Safety Data Sheet

View Flight Simulator Joystick and Throttle Damping-Case Study

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